Pothos 'Jade', Large

Characterized by its long cascading vines and lush jade-green foliage, this pothos is a prevalent and versatile houseplant. It is one of the most popular options due to its adaptability. Additionally, when the plant requires watering, its leaves begin to droop and curl as a gentle warning. Once watered, it perks right back up.

Size: ~12-15" long and a 8" pot.

Sunlight: Low to bright indirect light. Avoid direct light.

Watering frequency: Once a week

For pet owners: Not pet friendly


Conceal the inside of your planter and pot your plant in seconds by simply placing a moss cover around the base of your plant



Measure the opening of your planter and refer to the size chart in the description



Place directly over potting soil or stick included tabs to the rim of your planter