Juno Sphere Planter


Crafted from high-quality fiberglass, the Juno planter features a unique sphere design on a slightly raised pedestal. This modern planter is sure to elevate the look of any plant in your space.

- High quality fiberglass with matte finish
- Indoor / Outdoor Planter
- No Drainage Hole
- Watertight
- Lightweight & Durable

- Measures: 15.7"W x 15.7"D x 12"H
- Inside diameter: 12" *Fits 12" cover

Weather Resistant


Conceal the inside of your planter and pot your plant in seconds by simply placing a moss cover around the base of your plant



Measure the opening of your planter and refer to the size chart in the description



Place directly over potting soil or stick included tabs to the rim of your planter