Organic Bio-Fungicide Concentrate


Protect your plants from diseases while promoting healthy growth using bio-fungicide. Our organic fungicide harnesses the strength of natural ingredients, proven to prevent and eliminate grey and white molds, downy mildew, black spots on roses, leaf spots, root rot, botrytis, and more.

• Mix 0.25 oz fungicide with 32 oz water, or 1-2.5 oz fungicide with 1 gallon of water.
• Apply every 10-14 days as needed, or every 5-7 days to eliminate significant infections.

• 16 oz per bottle


Conceal the inside of your planter and pot your plant in seconds by simply placing a moss cover around the base of your plant



Measure the opening of your planter and refer to the size chart in the description



Place directly over potting soil or stick included tabs to the rim of your planter