Cylinder Planter With Chartreuse Moss Cover

$119.00 $129.00

Our moss-covered planters are the perfect blend of style and function. This ready-to-pot planter comes paired with our innovative moss cover. Designed to wrap around the stem of your plant and make potting your plant quick and easy. Attach it directly onto your planter when potting a faux tree or place it over your plant's soil. Featuring a classic cylinder design and high-quality fiberglass finish, it's the perfect choice for any project.

Important Information About Pre-Orders:

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- High quality fiberglass with matte finish
- Indoor / Outdoor Planter
- No Drainage Hole
- Watertight
- Lightweight & Durable

- Measures: 11.8"W x 11.8"D x 10.2"H
- Inside diameter: 10.2" *Fits 10" cover

If you plan on ordering a moss cover for a separate planter, refer to the size chart below to ensure the correct fit.

Cover Size Planter Inside Diameter
9"W x 9"D Fits 9" to 10" opening
10"W x 10" D Fits 10" to 11" opening
12" W x 12" D Fits 12" to 13" opening 
15" W x 15" D Fits 15" to 16" opening

Our dried moss covers offer more than just a stylish finish for your planters. They also help retain your plant's moisture and keep soil out of reach from children and pets.